About Us

Gemelli Press is committed to producing high-quality books that transport readers to the bel paese, inspiring them to learn more about Italian culture, cuisine, wine, travel, and lifestyle.

As we work to combine our passions for books and Italy, we carefully select authors who share our goals and work closely with them to hone, develop, and present their unique visions and messages to the world.

Our ultimate objective is to enrich the already deep treasure of Italian-themed literature as we expand audiences for our authors.

Gemelli Press is a proud member of:

IBPAPacific Northwest Booksellers Association

Gemelli Press LLC
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Kari Hock, Managing Editor – Seattle, Washington, USA

Kari founded Gemelli Press in 2007 upon returning from a stint in Sicily, Italy to her hometown of Seattle with her husband and twin boys (gemelli in Italian).

In pursuit of maintaining a connection with her beloved life in Italy and writing her own book (a guide to the vines and wines of Eastern Sicily), manuscripts began to flow in; Gemelli Press remains dedicated to the bel paese and quality boutique publishing.

Kari is the CFO at Gemelli Press, manages production, and shares editorial decisions with Michelle.

When she is not reading manuscripts or going on Pacific Northwest adventures with her family, you might find her on the tennis court, skiing, obsessively trying to understand malolactic fermentation, pondering a house project, or painting something on canvas.

For more information about Kari, you can visit her profile at LinkedIn, and she can be reached at kari[at]gemellipress[dot]com.

Please contact Kari for ordering information.

Michelle Fabio, Managing Editor – Calabria, Italy

Michelle FabioMichelle joined Gemelli Press in January 2012 and handles the company’s PR, marketing, social media, and web development; she and Kari share editorial decisions.

Michelle brings her well-established reputation in the Italian expat blogosphere via her website Bleeding Espresso about savoring the simplicity of rural Italian life. Michelle lives in her family’s ancestral village in Calabria, Italy with her husband Paolo and daughter Marisa.

Michelle is also a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Ambassador, the magazine of the NIAF (National Italian American Foundation) and writes at Baby Espresso and Goat Berries about raising a kid/“kids” in southern Italy, respectively.

When Michelle’s not writing, editing, cooking, practicing yoga, or doting on Marisa, dogs, or goats, you will likely find her reading something, anything. She is, of course, partial to books concerning southern Italy.

You can find links to Michelle’s work at MichelleFabio.com, follow her on Twitter @michellefabio, see her professional resume at LinkedIn, and reach her at michelle[at]gemellipress[dot]com.