Among the Cloud Dwellers: Paperback Edition + Reviews

If you follow Gemelli Press on Facebook (and if you don’t, come on over!), you already know that Among the Cloud Dwellers is out in paperback. You can pick up your copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble — and remember you can always opt for the Kindle version if you prefer.

In other ATCD news, we’re extremely happy and proud to report that our latest release currently has four reviews on Amazon . . . and they’re all five-star! Woohoo!

Some snippets:

From SandraT: “This book is written with a sensual audacity few are able to ever master.”

From WendyH: “It’s hard to stop reading,as each page is another luscious bite into her world and the magical possibilities that may be there for all of us.”

From Marie Claire: “I devoured this book the first time. Now I am reading it again at a slower pace.”

From Amy N: “Wow! I sat down to read this on Saturday morning, and ignored EVERYTHING (except food of course!) until I finished it around 6pm.”

Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased a copy, and if you enjoy the book and feel like leaving a nice review on Amazon, goodreads, and/or Barnes and Noble, we certainly wouldn’t mind :)



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