Carpigiani Gelato Museum to Open Outside of Bologna

Gather ’round gelato lovers, because we’ve got some delicious news for you:

According to the website of the Carpigiani Gelato Museum:

The sweet countdown has begun: On 27 September 2012 the Carpigiani Gelato Museum will open to the public. The museum is an innovative structure dedicated to the study, documentation, and dissemination of the history, values, and culture of artisan gelato, a fresh, high-quality food that represents Italian excellence and creativity throughout the world. The opening will be followed by two more days of inaugural activities including guided tours, workshops for children, gelato tasting, and many other delicious surprises.

Gelato MuseumThe $2 million facility is operated by Carpigiani, which has been manufacturing gourmet-gelato machines since 1946; the museum, along with Carpigiani Gelato University, is in the town of Anzola Emilia, outside of Bologna.

Sounds like an excellent time to visit the Bologna area, if you ask me. So pack your spoons and get a-travelin’!

What’s your favorite gelato flavor or flavor combo?

H/t Huffington Post and friend & faithful reader Richard.

* Top image source: Gelato in Piazza Navona, Rome by Michelle Fabio

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