Italian Word of the Week: Pasquetta

Picnic basket by uberculture on Flickr (CC license)This installment of the Italian Word of the Week is a bit early because today we’re celebrating Pasquetta in Italy!

Easter Monday

Pasquetta is Pasqua (Easter) with the diminutive ending -etta added on to denote “little.” And indeed, Pasquetta is Little Easter in Italy, a national holiday, so most businesses and stores are closed.

Italians tend to go “fuori porta” (literally “out the door”) with family and friends today (usually friends) and spend the day (what else?) eating, talking, laughing, and possibly even singing. I’ve been at quite a few Pasquetta celebrations that featured a guitar!

Pasquetta often means a trip to the countryside for a picnic and/or cook-out, but as so many of us who live in Italy know, the weather on Pasquetta can be less than predictable, so it’s not always possible.

In fact, here in Calabria today, although the sun is out, it’s quite windy and chilly (we had hail overnight!), which means barbecuing outside is not in the cards for us. I had been saving the ribs from our slaughtered pig this year for Pasquetta, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait a bit longer to enjoy them. Oh well.

If you’re not able to properly celebrate Pasquetta today either, perhaps these posts can help you live vicariously:

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* Image Source: Picnic Basket by uberculture on Flickr (CC license)

Buona Pasquetta a tutti!

Alla prossima!
(Until next time!)

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