Italian Word of the Week: Vincere

We were hoping to use “vincere” as the Italian Word of the Week following a big Europeo win for Italia over Spagna a couple weeks ago, but, ahem, well, hopefully this will come in handy for the next Mondiale (World Cup) in 2014:

VINCERE (VIN-cheh-reh):


This word has been on my mind because it’s part of a great phrase that’s in the upcoming release by Gemelli Press, a memoir by Jennifer Criswell about her move to Tuscany–a journey that started with a dream and high hopes but quickly came crashing to the terra firma when Jennifer couldn’t find a job or finalize her Italian citizenship and struggled to learn the language while getting wrapped up in an affair with a married man.

Oh yes, back to that phrase:

Che la dura, la vince.

Literally “He who endures, wins,” though in English, we’d probably say it much less poetically as “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Or as Italian Charlie Sheen might say:

Duh, vincendo!

Don’t you just feel victorious with this word rolling off your tongue?

Until next time!
Alla prossima!

* Image source: Duh, Winning by Martin Bowling on Flickr (CC license)





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