Italian Words of the Week: Anguria & Cocomero

The Italian Words of the Week  are delicious — both to eat and to say.

ANGURIA (ahn-GOOHR-yah) &

COCOMERO (coh-COH-mehr-oh):


Why yes, this gorgeous summer fruit is so awesome it needs two names in Italian!

Zingarelli, *the* Italian dictionary, maintains that cocomero is the official, proper Italian word, while anguria has become part of the lexicon thanks to the “settentrionale,” or north.

So whether you see anguria or cocomero at the market depends on the area you are in, and interestingly enough, although anguria apparently came from the north, it’s widely used on Sardinia, Sicily, and here where I’m writing from in Calabria.

We’re not *quite* into watermelon season yet, but I’m definitely ready. There is nothing like biting into a cool, juicy slice of anguria (or cocomero!) on a scorching hot day — and right now, it’s scorching hot pretty much all over Italy.

So no matter what you call it, this is one fantastic summer treat.

If you’re in Italy, what do *you* call watermelon in your corner of the boot?

Alla prossima!
Until next time!

* Image source: Watermelon by Harsha K R on Flickr (CC license)


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    Oooh … summer is here when the watermelon arrives! On the Amalfi Coast I’ve only heard anguria before. That was interesting to learn the word came from the north!

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