Vista in Rivista: Tom Cruise on the Cover of Vanity Fair Italia

On the heels of the news that rocked the celeb-obsessed world this past weekend — the break-up of TomKat, of course — imagine my surprise when I found this waiting for me in my mailbox this morning:

Tom Cruise on Vanity Fair Italia

Yup, that’s Tom Cruise in the recently released Rock of Ages for this installment of Vista in Rivista.

There’s nothing too interesting in the article inside about Tom and Katie’s relationship, except for this quote:

Tom Cruise quote in Vanity Fair Italia

“I chose this film with songs because my wife Katie and my daughter Suri love musicals.”

Hmm…maybe Katie didn’t like musicals as much as he thought.

In all seriousness, best wishes to the entire Cruise-Holmes clan on a quick, easy, and relatively painless divorce.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get nasty for Suri’s sake!

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