Wresting with the Devil Available at Amazon!

Just a quick note to announce that our latest release, Wrestling with the Devil by Tonya Hamilton Russo and Antonio Russo is now available in hardback on Amazon:

Plucked from his beloved Italian country-side, severed from his family, and placed on an ocean liner in the bay of Naples, Antonio Russo, just ten years old, embarks on the journey of his life. As he steps foot onto New York soil with not a word of English, his pockets stuffed with salami and provolone cheese and wearing a pair of shoes for the occasion, Antonio recalls the promise from his mother that in America he would find family members to take care of him and the trees blossoming with gold.

This young Italian boy finds himself hit hard with a large dose of reality, obstacles at every turn. These obstacles would become the demons with which Antonio finds himself doing constant battle, but as fate would have it, he one day comes to realize that he is good at something. He finds by chance that he has a natural instinct and ability in the sport of wrestling. As his story unfolds, it would be the sport of wrestling that ignites a passion and guides him to the realization of his true potential, giving meaning to the struggle he and his family would endure in their journey from Southern Italy to the United States to create a better way of life.

Right now, it’s only out in hardcover — makes a *fabulous* gift with both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, by the way — but it will be out in other formats, including Kindle, shortly.

If you do get yourself a copy and fall in love with Coach Russo’s story like we did, please feel free to leave a review at Amazon and/or Goodreads, and mention it on social media; every kind word counts, and we’re always most appreciative!

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