Wrestling with the Devil Review at Oregon Sports News

The awesome reviews for Wrestling with the Devil keep pouring in, and the latest is by David Gillaspie for Oregon Sports News. Here are some tastes from Gillaspie’s review:

Wrestling With The Devil is part memoir, part adventure, and an all round inspiration of what you can accomplish in the most trying circumstances. If you’ve traveled to other countries and don’t speak the native language, then you understand communication barriers. Now imagine it as a ten year old.

Ms Hamilton weaves the timeline of travel and family drama to expertly deliver a story that recalls a slice of American life in mid-20th Century. For anyone seeking insight on how to make difficult decisions, Wrestling With The Devil is essential reading.

Wrestling With The Devil, A Story Of Sacrifice And Triumph From The Hills Of Naples To The National Wrestling Hall Of Fame is about a road less traveled, but one with clear markers for others to follow.

If you still haven’t bought your copy, what are you waiting for? Need to see even more awesome reviews? Check out Wrestling with the Devil at Amazon.com.


  1. Jerry r. Dusenberry says

    I read, with interst, the article in The Oregonian (today) about Tony Russo. That brought back many fond memories. Tony was my best friend at David Douglas High school 1958-1959. I just order the book. My regards to Tony.
    Jerry R. Dusenberry

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